The Origin Of The Angry Ostrich

It was to be the greatest day of the Ostriches' lives; the grand opening of the Satoshi City Zoo. They dreamed to be the main attraction, to show their speed, intelligence & uniqueness, but their dreams were utterly shattered.

The people of Satoshi city flooded the gates, but as the day went on, the crowd became thinner & thinner. They wondered why without a clue. After days of underappreciation and empty audiences, the ostriches overheard, “Let's go see the cheetahs; they’re faster” & “I heard the giraffes have much longer necks.” Even children were whispering “the apes are smarter & the camels’ legs are longer, let’s see them instead.”

Day by day the happiest animals in the zoo became the angriest. The final comment that pushed them over the edge was, “What kinda bird can’t even fly?”

The utter humiliation led the Ostriches to devise a plan to break out of the zoo. Since no one ever came to see them, the guards hardly paid attention to locking the gates. The Ostriches, now channeling their anger, used their smarts & long necks to unlatch the gate from the outside & sprinted to freedom yelling, “We’re free! We’re free! We don't need this zoo!”

It wasn’t long before their own underground racing community hatched. They ruled with an iron fist, running the gang land of Satoshi City. They became well known for their chains, glasses, cars and many other flashy accessories.

In the end, the birds who “couldn’t even fly” became the Angry Ostrich Country Club. The flyest of them all.  

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Discord Giveaway

Be a part of the biggest discord giveaway in history. $50,000 will be given to the top 10 discord inviters in our community and community members will be able to watch the leaderboard to stay up to date. Join our Discord today!



We’re on our way! We will be ramping up our social media influence and announcing more giveaways for our community to ensure strong growth even after public mint. 10% of second market royalties will go into a fund to ensure longevity through marketing campaigns.


An Exclusive AOCC Egg will be given to the first 50% of holders as an incentive. The unique egg will allow holders early access to the breeding function and exclusive traits for breeding.


10 Exclusive AOCC Gold Eggs will be randomly given away to holders 5000 through 7000. These will allow the holders early access to breeding as well as having a higher probability of rare traits.


Purchasing of land in the metaverse! We will hold a poll amongst our community to decide where we will purchase land in the metaverse to create the Angry Ostrich Country Club. A second poll will be held to decide what activities will be held in our venue.

100% 🎉🎉🎉

Go Time!! We begin working on the breeding function to launch Baby Angry Ostrich Country Club (BAOCC). Our breeding function is special in that you only need to purchase one Adult Angry Ostrich to breed a baby. YES, we are saying that, every one of our holders receives a baby ostrich for FREE! When you consider that the first 50% of holders receive a FREE egg as well, we are poised to create value and excitement in the AOCC community by providing two to three unique NFTs to our Ostrich family.

And to make sure our holders have a say, we will hold Polls to determine our first exclusive event for holders either in Los Angeles, California or Las Vegas, Nevada. The Community will also help determine roadmap 2.0 which will include play to earn games and turning ostrich’s 3D for the metaverse. Don't miss this one!



Once the mint is complete, breeding will be easily implemented as the artwork and traits for the babies have already been completed.


We will host an exclusive event for our holders, which will be determined by vote in either Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV.


We will be reinvesting funds into our community by purchasing land through Decentraland or Sandbox and holding events for our holders to ensure longevity of your investment by implementing utility consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Angry Ostrich Country Club?

The Angry Ostrich Country Club is an NFT Community bound together by 9,999 unique Ostriches and a strong discord community. With plans to expand into the metaverse and offer members value added benefits, the AOCC is positioned to become a growing, stable environment for current and future holders.

2Will there be a pre-sale?

Yes, we will be holding a presale 1 day prior to the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist. The Whitelist spots will be very limited.

3What happens if I miss the pre-sale?

If you miss the presale, you will still be able to purchase Ostriches during the public mint or on a third-party marketplace such as OpenSea.

4How much is an Angry Ostrich?

The price of one of our unique Angry Ostriches is 0.12 Ethereum. Keep in mind that every Ostrich holder will also receive a unique Baby AOCC NFT with their purchase. The first 50% of Ostrich purchasers will receive an Ostrich Egg for FREE, creating an overall value not seen before in the NFT space.

5Are there secondary sale royalties?

Yes, 5% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for the Angry Ostrich Country Club Team. A portion of those royalties will go towards marketing, giveaways, and development to make sure that the project continues to grow.

6Do I own the ostrich after minting it?

Yes, you will own all intellectual properties to the Angry Ostrich you hold, meaning you can use it to create and sell your own merchandise.

7Where can I see my ostrich after minting?

Once you have minted an AOCC NFT, you can view it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

8What happens after I mint my Ostrich?

You can collect it, sell it for profit, and use it for commercial purposes. It also doubles as a membership into the community. You will use your Ostrich to join us for exclusive parties and events in real life as well as in the metaverse.

9How do I keep up with what's happening and future events?

Join our discord to stay up to date with all plans and events in the near and far future. AOCC is packed with utility and community voting.

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